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(大会実施要綱) (大会規約一般) 大会ルール (参加申込書 中学・一般)
1 CompetitionGuidance .pdf 2 Competition Rules General part from high school students.pdf 3 Competition Rules
2(Kids class, junior high school students, general girls).pdf
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Please pay the participation fee by Paypal by October 27th.
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Competition Guidance

We are looking for participants under the following guidance.

Nihon Budo Cup - 27th Nihon Budo Karatedo Tournament
Nerima Ward Mayor Cup ・21th Karate Kid’s Japan cup

Prizes: Champion, Second place, Third place, Fourth place and fighting spirit prize

Hosted by Shin Nihon Budo Karatedo FederationRyozanpaku Karatedo Union

Date: Nov 24, 2019 (Sunday) Opening Ceremony: 9:45(Schedule)

Registration: From 9:00am at main entrance. After registration, putting on Karate uniform and waiting at stadium until opening ceremony.

Place: Metropolitan Tokyo Nerima Ward
Hikarigaoka Gymnasium/5 minutes by walking from
Exit 3 of Hikarigaoka Station of Ooedo line of Toei operation.

Recruited players: Men of high school students and or elder who are experienced in playing Karate and Kenpo      (All schools will be accepted).

Please refer to the attachment for the competition rules and submit the application form by filling all required items and enclosing 2 photographs
(from the waist up with Karate Uniform, 4cm x 3cm, with name on their back) without fail on time. Please mail by cash registration
(Competition number shall be given on the day of competition.

Paste the competition number either on the center back or area bellow belts on the back).

Closing date/No later than Oct 28 to the competition office (Postmark of the day is effective)

Junior school students and women of high school and elder(JP\ 7,000)

Men of high school and elder (JP\ 8,000)

Admission fee will not be returned/no cancelation policy

Strict deadline for the host to prepare the competition and produce the brochures.

Participation award/Magazine to pick up the articles of competition (Lunch will not be prepared for the competition for the kids. Please prepare on your own).

Qualification for the admission/Players who had a cerebral contusion and or knocked down are not allowed to participate in the competition.

Players may not be allowed to participate in the competition by document screening and their admission fees will be returned.

Groups which violated the competition rule and also groups and players who denigrated the host in past will not be allowed to participate in the competition.

Second/Supporting players are allowed only from the side where the players entere. Never allowed to support nor to film from the side of host (headquarter seats).
Up to 3 persons including guardian are allowed to have seats of second. Excess support against spirit of Budo may be result in disqualification.
The players who played in bad attitude and denigrated the other players and referees may be disqualified and ordered to leave.

Precautions (Representatives and leaders are required to manage their players well. Especially walking barefoot around in the gymnasium is strictly prohibited every year).

Please put on slippers or inhouse shoes in the stadium and gymnasium (need to put on foot supporter in the playing field).

Please bring health insurance card, Karate uniform and supporter with you.

Rules require players to wear protectors and the players are allowed to use their own mask
(limited to Super Safe Mask White/K Protector Mask White) upon their requests.

Players are required to prepare fabric gloves or army gloves, foot supporters, foul cups. The elder than junior school required to prepare mouth pieces also.

Players are required to return the protectors which are lent by the host as soon as the match is finished (safe masks, body protectors, punching gloves).

Please manage personal belongings by yourselves. Pay lockers are available in the gymnasium.

Please notify the reception if you will leave after losing the match (Players who left without notice will not be allowed to participate in next tournament).

Players have to follow proceeding of the competition and instructions of officials. If they don’t follow, they will be disqualified.

Please come to the competition place by checking the map. There are pay parking lots are available in Hikarigaoka Park.

All trash from players, seconds, observers have to be disposed by themselves.

Players have to wear clean Karate uniform and paste the competition number either on their center back or area bellow belts on their back.

Nonparticipation due to sudden illness and injuries have to reported to the competition office with medical certificate from doctor by mail.

Players who are late or not confirmed for the opening ceremony may be disqualified.

Training and warming up have to be conducted either outside of the gymnasium or designated are in the gymnasium. If players did in the hallway, they may by disqualified.

Players shall wait in the seats of second floor or wait by training after the opening ceremony until the first match of the group which players belong to start.

Players shall wait in the designated area of playing filed after the first match of the group which players belong to have started.

Award ceremonies will be held each after the competitions for Kids and Nihon Tournament .

It is condition for players to be allowed to participate in the competition is that they are responsible to all accidents including injuries,
death and aftereffects and never pursue the liabilities of the host.
All of those accidents should be covered by the insurance of each groups and individuals take out.

Filming and picturing of Nihon Budo Karatedo Tournaments are prohibited.

Please ask any questions to the competition office.

The Ryozanpaku Karatedo Union

Tel: 03-5848-3-43

4-12-16 Fujimidai Nerima-ward Tokyo Zip1770034